Best Restaurants in Istanbul

We get asked all the time of recommendations of where are the best restaurants in the city to enjoy with our Istanbul escorts. Istanbul boasts some of finest and most romantic restaurants in the world, and there is nothing more romantic than dining atop of one its rooftop restaurants dining with your elite Turkey companion. So in this blog we have decided to run through a list of some of the best restaurants in Istanbul to enjoy with our Istanbul escorts. So it back and relax and make sure to book well in advance as to avoid any disappointments.

We start with one of the leading candidates for best rooftop restaurants in Istanbul and that is the very stylish Mikla that sits 20 storeys high on the chic Marmara Pera hotel and beautiful views over the city below. Its mainly a Turkish themed restaurant with scandinavian influences ont the menu, try their speciality dish the cherrywood smoked loin of lamb which is absolutely to die for, a romantic meal that will be thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The nest restaurant we come to is quaint Giritli, a beautiful fish restaurant located in a quiet corner in the Sultanahmet district. With a very rustic look with cobbled streets, it is one of the most popular places in town and can get very busy, but for good reason. To truly enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Istanbul and get a taste of the culture then you have dine on its legendary seafood. Giritl is one of the very best, the grilled octopus served with olive oil is absolutely delicious and a must try for yourself and your istanbul escort.

When looking at all of the restaurants there are a few that are held in higher regard than the iconic old ottoman cafe and restaurant, that really does let its food do the talking. Again located in the quieter district of Sultanahmet you can enjoy an intimate evening with your Istanbul escorts without having to shout over the crowds. With particular attention to excellent cooked meats and some of the freshest tastiest salads around, the perfect destination for a warm summer afternoon.

Regardless if which restaurant you choose you will be in for an unforgettable stay so long as you are being accompanied by Istanbul escorts. But if you are really looking to make your stay into an occasion then make sure you plan ahead and make sure everythings perfect for your fantasy experience in Istanbul.